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people often wonder (and those who are interested ask) what i do at my job. well, i’m in health care communications, and that can mean a lot. today, it meant being prepared for a media event involving a special visit for the patients… steven seagal and the princess of ghana were scheduled to visit the kids to present them with “kissed bracelets” made by children in africa.

steven seagal and the princess of ghana, you say? what an odd combination. the skinny is that mr. seagal is in vancouver filming a new movie, and he is also the co-founder of Save A Million Lives, an AIDS project in Africa that supports over 752 children in Ghana who are orphaned because of HIV/AIDS, working to reduce (ultimately prevent) HIV transmission from mother to child.

the princess presented each child (who was able to come out of their rooms and into the playroom) with a bracelet, kissed it with love, and gave them kind words of healing. the bracelets are normally sold to fundraise for the orphans’ school and uniform fees and school supplies.

while the princess was making her impression (i met her, too… nanananapoopoo), mr. seagal was delayed at the movie set. those of us hospital staff who were told he was going to “helicopter in” (i can’t make this stuff up) wondered exactly *where* he was going to helicopter in! but alas, he only managed to call one of the charity reps on his cell phone. most of the kids had gone back to their rooms by then, but a couple remained and were excited to talk to mr. seagal by cell phone speaker. i was a little disappointed that mr. seagal didn’t make it, but probably not as much as the moms there!

so, that is what my work entailed today… i met the princess of ghana… what did YOU do?!

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