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barefoot on chilly concrete

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that is how i stood for an hour and a half last night until they finally played a song from their first album: ‘jealous again’ from the 1990 album ‘shake your money maker’. and that was it. yep, after two hours, i walked away in my stilettos with cold (and slightly dirty) feet, incredibly disappointed. they didn’t even play ‘she talks to angels’ during the encore. tsk. tsk. tsk.

i had shown up early enough to catch the opening band… can you call a two-piece a band? one guitarist and one drummer. i was confused throughout the entire set, trying to hear a song without bass, a band without bass. i still don’t get it? how can you write a song without bass? well, apparently, this greasy cowboy does it. although, he wasn’t quite a cowboy, because he didn’t have a cowboy hat or cowboy boots [yes, that is how i define ‘em], but he was definitely southern. a greasy haired, skinny musician wearing a bolo tie [yeah, i had to google to find the right name], he looked like a friend of ponyboy in ‘the outsiders’. but, he was definitely a performer, and i was moderately entertained.

as we waited for the main event, the sweet smell of incense wafted through the air. when the time came, the crowd immediately stood up and then rushed to the stage. now, what was the point of paying good money for a second row seat at the orpheum if all the knucklehead fans were going to get in front of me? WTF! and what about the standing up? i was mortified when i realized that everyone was going to stand for the entire concert… mortified because i was wearing stilettos! i was in the second row; how could i have predicted that we’d be standing up?

i took the damn (but sexy) stilettos off after two songs. and that is how i ended up barefoot on chilly concrete. for the entire concert. i figured that hearing ‘she talks to angels’ would make my cold feet worth it. well, we already know the ending to that story. hmph.

they all looked like freakin hippies with their long hair and matching long beards; although, they really looked more like geico cavemen. and man, chris [robinson, the singer] looked old! but he sang his heart out, playing guitar during the odd song. he barely said a word to us, just a sheepish thanks now and then. but what was up with rich [robinson, guitarist, chris’s bro] and his stale stage presence? he looked like he was bored: a blank stare at those of us near the stage, and a frozen expression on his face… even when he sang lead on a song or two. i was truly shocked when they said goodbye—he actually smiled and waved. freaky.

the black crowes put on an energetic show. i just didn’t know any of the songs they sang. what can i say, i’m a fan from the (very) old days… can’t you tell?! 😉

(drawing, circa 1990ish, age 15ish)

Author: elle superstar

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