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i actually got up early yesterday, lol. i went to brunch with a friend/mentor and then ended up working on my song for eight hours. a new song, you ask? no, not a new song. the song i recorded last week. i was going to work on condensing the two verses but discovered that we recorded a couple of the parts out of order, so following along was a task in mending the out-of-sync. so, i ended up re-recording (for follow along purposes only) the entire song, complete with strings. and i taught myself how to use the fader, yeah! and then i edited out some of the extra parts the song could do without. but i really struggled with condensing the verses, because increasing the tempo made it sound funny and i didn’t want to cut out any lyrics (although, i am still considering whether i can tell the original story in four fewer lines). i worked on the song at my computer and piano continuously until i realized that i was running late for the stereophonics show, i hadn’t eaten dinner, and i would probably miss the opening band. so, i grudging left my song and got ready for the show.

i figured i would get to the commodore just in time to see stereophonics go on, which would be perfect because then i wouldn’t have to stand around by myself (i’m getting tired of going to bar shows alone). i didn’t care about the opening band this time. . . kinda hard to care when they don’t tell you who it is. . . i was even debating whether to go at all, because i was so tired. well, i got to the commodore, and the opening band was still playing. that sucked for waiting around time, but the band was pretty good. . . people in planes from wales. . . in fact, so good that i’ll be getting their cd. . . yup, that good. . .

i’m glad i went. stereophonics kept the energy level high at all times, kicking off the show with ‘the bartender and the thief’, an old fave i had forgotten about [the black crowes could take lessons]. they actually played a lot of old songs [the black crowes could take lessons]. my only complaint wasn’t even about the show… it was that there was an unusually high number of tall people there… and with my flats [i took a lesson from the black crowes show], i was just too short, from every angle of the commodore (yes, i moved around A LOT). i finally decided to go back up to the front and managed to find the perfect niche for the rest of the show. i must admit, despite being a fan, i was pleasantly surprised with their performance. and their fans adore them. that was great, to see so many people so excited to see them play, singing along. i’ll forgive the tall ones this time.

Author: elle superstar

I had four cats - now I have six but still no one to talk to, LOL. So, I write this blog to entertain me, myself, and I... and perhaps you.

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