full circle

. . .from an upward battle of struggles and emotions to a journey of healing, growth, and laughter. . .



so, to continue my story, because my plans were cancelled, i decided to stop by a clothing store near my place to shop for a new black skirt because the one i was wearing was getting tight again because of my unhealthy habit of eating chips for dinner every night. but, the store had literally just closed. oh well, i thought, i’ll save that money today. then, i stopped off at the drug store a few doors down to buy a new bottle of nailpolish of the same colour i was wearing. why, you may ask. because i had air bubbles on my nails (my girly readers will know what i’m referring to). the nailpolish wasn’t old, so i didn’t know why that had happened. as i was looking at the array of colours, i noticed some were on sale. the expensive opi brand was on sale for $6.99, original price something like $11 or $12. now, normally, i would never spend more than $4 for nailpolish. but the only bottle that matched my current colour was the opi. i negotiated with myself that while $7 was a bit much for a pot of colour, it *was* on sale from $12. usually, when i am already down this line of thinking, i will end up buying it. but this time, i debated back and forth with myself (which is much like hearing voices in your head), and decided that instead of buying it, i would contact my good friend google and find out if there were some simple solutions for getting rid of the bubbles. i put the bottle back on the shelf and proudly left the store. (by the way, there were two suggestions about the bubbles, so i’ll have to try them.)

after work today, i stopped off to take a photo of the sign in this store – gumdrops, a trendy rain boot store…

and of course, on my way home, i had to walk by one of my favorite home accessories store and went in. i ended up buying some unnecessary but nice-to-have stuff for my bathroom (so much for saving that money!). that’s the problem with girls and shopping, lol.

on another note, remember the woman at work who was moving? let’s call her caroline* – she sent me an email over the weekend which i got on tuesday telling me she couldn’t get a hold of anyone on thursday night to stay with, so she drove up to this town up north, which is a four-hour drive from here. just the other day, she told me she a tonne of people to stay with, so WTF?! i decided to ignore her email and just leave things. when i saw her at bellydance class later that day, things seemed fine. i didn’t want to draw any more attention to the now awkward situation. the rest of the week was fine, and then today, she called me and asked if i would help her look for places tomorrow night. despite my hesitancy, i said ok. {i know what you’re thinking…} i called her back and told her because there was miscommunication (her word) last week, i wanted to be clear that she had a place to stay on friday night and that she wasn’t expecting to stay with me. thankfully, she said yes. i hope we can find something suitable for her tomorrow. but i’m not going to help her move!

*again, i’m making up this name because i can.

Author: elle superstar

I had four cats - now I have six but still no one to talk to, LOL. So, I write this blog to entertain me, myself, and I... and perhaps you.

2 thoughts on “gumdrops

  1. Hi! I've just read some of your posts, and I like your blog!
    So is that friend of yours (the one moving) really called caroline? XD She doesn't sound like an honest person, but maybe I shouldn't say this… It's nice from you to let her stay at yours anyway. Oh, and I noticed the belly dancing part, That's so cool!!! I'd love to do bellydancing!
    And I understand how you feel with the blog templates, and all that stuff. I struggelled with it too, like five hours none stop, but finally I found a good web site where they explained how to do everything step by step (unfortunately it's on spanish) and I was thinking about this template too! But I chose another one, you can check it at http://www.cristalgarden.blogspot.com (my blog)
    P.S: I will follow your blog and hope you continue writing!


  2. Hiya! thanks for finding my blog and having a read, it's great to hear from new followers 🙂

    I love that sign in the shop window – totally ironic!
    Oh – and I know exactly what you mean about the shopping habits!

    Will be stopping by again to catch up!

    Hann x


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