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. . .from an upward battle of struggles and emotions to a journey of healing, growth, and laughter. . .

keep on, keepin’ on – oh bite me!


Get out of my head!! So, a couple of months ago, I started listening to country music regularly and found out that a new song I liked was sung by R, a mutual ex-friend of mine and T (that’s how I met T) who used to sing rock/metal. So of course, it seems logical that as I’m fighting depression about T, R would choose now to become a country singer. Every time I hear the song, I feel like my past is invading my life. But wait, it gets worse. I forgot to mention another reason I was depressed about T the other week was that he was praising R’s new song. When we were together, we stayed away from R because he wasn’t good for our relationship. Well during the week that I was depressed, this initially-catchy-but-now-annoying-because-of-who-sings-it song kept playing on the station I listen to. Every time I hear it, I’m reminded of T. I heard it again today.

But wait, it gets worse. On FB this past weekend, M (no, I still haven’t seen him since April, and I’m so uninterested in our friendship right now) gives a shout out to R as well (they’re all musicians) at a country music fest. Well, did I forget to mention that M had bad mouthed R to me back before I even met T? And now he’s giving him a public kudos? M is such a fake. If I were in a room with him, he would be bad mouthing R to me all over again.

Now do you see why I’m single and content to be so? All this drama is doing my head in.

Author: elle superstar

I had four cats - now I have six but still no one to talk to, LOL. So, I write this blog to entertain me, myself, and I... and perhaps you.

2 thoughts on “keep on, keepin’ on – oh bite me!

  1. “bite me” hehehehehehe


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