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occupational hazard


In the fall of 2010, I had nine cats in my one-bedroom condo. Because I had wanted to experience all areas of the cat rescue I was volunteering with, I asked to be a foster. Within a day, they gave me a cage full of six kittens (Wilbur and his siblings).

I named Wilbur after the pig in Charlotte’s Web because he was the runt of the litter. He was sickly and developmentally delayed. All his sibs were quickly adopted, but Wilbur was too unhealthy. I already had Clea, Oreo, and Coal, but I was in love with Wilbur. And I needed to see him get better. Then, one day, I was with the president of the rescue, and out loud, I said I was going to keep him. And that’s how he became my foster fail. And maybe he needed me, too, because within months of officially adopting him, he started to get better. Watch Wilbur’s Journey.

Now with four cats (still in a one-bedroom condo), the president subsequently “cut me off” from fostering or adopting any more cats. It has been a running joke between us for the last six years…

Slight detour…

The reason I haven’t blogged all year is that my volunteer project turned into running my own cat rescue. In November 2015, my volunteer group received promise of $15,000 from the city to spay/neuter cats, which was a huge accomplishment for me, as I had submitted a funding proposal in September. However, the city needed to “spend” the money by December 31 for budgeting purposes. At the time, we were only a coalition of groups, without our own charity status, and without a bank account. So, over the next few weeks, I worked my ass off on an application for incorporation, which would qualify us to apply for a bank account. Simultaneously, I worked my ass off on developing a spay/neuter program. By mid-December, I had everything in place. And then the city told me everyone was on vacation, so there would be no cheque until the new year. I wrote my last blog post in January 2016, and then I finally got the cheque in February, and the rest is history. My volunteer work is a full-time job. So, I basically have two full-time jobs, and I look forward to doing nothing on weekends except watch TV and play Facebook games.

Original route…13413629_10155435289182925_6905213759054462905_n

Back in June, I attended a cat behaviour workshop at one of the shelters we partner with, and staff asked if anyone wanted to hold kittens. There were two of us that said yes, so they gave each of us one half of twin kittens. I spent the entire two hours of the workshop with the kitten on my chest.


I fell in love with their exotic markings—spotted tabbies that made them look like cheetahs. I’ve always wanted a Bengal cat, so I was very drawn to these kittens.








I even met their mama, and you could see where they got their markings. (She looks angry in the photo, but she was a purr machine when she was petted.)


I couldn’t stop thinking about getting them. I knew I was crazy for considering it, but I took the adoption application form home. It was an hour’s drive home, and I couldn’t stop thinking about them. I thought about them all night, and all morning on the way to work. By the time I got to work, I knew I was going to do it. But I wouldn’t tell anyone. I mean, six cats? Even I knew that was ridiculous.

Introducing Decker and Diesel


They are entertaining and make me smile every day. But I had forgotten that kittens are so much work! I’m definitely having my tubes tied, haha!!

Diesel and Decker were nine weeks when I got them in June, so they are now seven months.


And we’re all one big happy family!



Adopting multiple cats is an occupational hazard of cat rescue work! But I wouldn’t have it any other way! So there!

Author: elle superstar

I had four cats - now I have six but still no one to talk to, LOL. So, I write this blog to entertain me, myself, and I... and perhaps you.

6 thoughts on “occupational hazard

  1. LOL. I’d cut you off too.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. So many kittens! Aww.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. They are gorgeous.
    Just remember a quote I read somewhere “adopting a cat doesn’t change the world but for that one cat the world changes forever”.
    You have a good start on changing the world!
    You go, girl!

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Big kisses and licks from mademoiselle Colette, madame Simone and our resident human. You are our hero!


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