full circle

. . .from an upward battle of struggles and emotions to a journey of healing, growth, and laughter. . .


charitable purpose

It’s easy to blog when I’m unhappy. My posts are poignant, funny, and frequent. Or, maybe I actually suck at blogging because my posts are nearly a year apart. You decide.

In November, 11 months after submitting my application, the tax agency denied awarding charitable status to my rescue but gave me 60 days to respond to their concerns. Over the next four months, I once again worked my ass off {it’s for the cats, it’s for the cats, it’s for the cats} going back and forth with them trying to prove that our purpose was “charitable.” At one point, they even re-wrote our charitable purpose and added something that we didn’t even do. In the end, we received our charitable status in February. While that was wonderful news, it just brought on more work for me. Setting up tax receipts and accounts to various online donation platforms and grant writing were added to my daily tasks of managing our spay/neuter program and EVERYTHING ELSE. I’m getting a headache just remembering the last five months!

{it’s for the cats, it’s for the cats, it’s for the cats it’s for the cats, it’s for the cats, it’s for the cats it’s for the cats, it’s for the cats, it’s for the cats it’s for the cats, it’s for the cats, it’s for the cats it’s for the cats, it’s for the cats, it’s for the cats it’s for the cats, it’s for the cats, it’s for the cats it’s for the cats, it’s for the cats, it’s for the cats it’s for the cats, it’s for the cats, it’s for the cats it’s for the cats, it’s for the cats, it’s for the cats it’s for the cats…}





kindred spirits

As a Canadian prairie girl {shhh, don’t tell anyone}, my favorite movie as a child was Anne of Green Gables. Maybe it was how much I could relate to Anne—teased at school and had a very short temper—or maybe it was because she was so truthful and blunt. Whatever it was, I loved her and would watch that movie on CBC every year at Christmas when it aired. Of all the things I’m fond of in that movie, her term for good friends always stood out in my mind.

AnneDianaGreenGables1I clicked instantly with the girl woman girl-woman {a topic for a future post} who replaced me at the corporate office when I moved to the agency office a couple of years ago. We were different but also so much alike, and, as I discovered recently, we have gone through similar emotional struggles. And oh yeah, she is obsessed with cats! She is one of only a handful of friends who knows about my blog {and probably the only one who reads it}. There are many areas of my life that are open to my friends. But sometimes, I need to write to strangers, to have anonymous people read about my experiences, my thoughts, my emotions, and my secrets. Because of our similarities {the emotional struggles, not necessarily the cats, lol}, I trusted her with what I revealed in my blog.

She is my kindred spirit.

She’s also freaking funny, so please check out her blog – Unfiltered Discourse – best read uncorked!



i am so honoured when someone follows my blog. i started writing here to express myself, but i also wanted someone to listen…. to be able to relate to my pain… or laugh because i wrote something funny (but if you don’t, that’s ok cuz i laugh at my own jokes, lol… see, lol… lol…)… because my family doesn’t know about my “condition” and neither do most of my friends. the ones that do probably get tired of hearing about my heartache about T, so i am tightlipped.

so, caroline and i went apartment hunting after work. she actually looked at the listings i had found for her, called or emailed them and everything, so i knew she was serious about this. unfortunately, the evening wasn’t the success i was expecting it to be. we ended up seeing only two places, and then went for dinner, lol.

dinner was not only yummy (OMIGOD, butternut squash ravioli – one of my faves – with pan-seared scallops, truffle beurre blanc [white butter] sauce, and pine nuts), but i got to know her better and am not so mad at her anymore. she’s not a bad person. and much to my protest, she paid for dinner (if i’d known she was going to, i would have ordered something cheaper!). she did ask me some personal questions about relationships, and i had to confess that i was still recovering from the break up, but i didn’t want to get into having depression and all that. aside from still not knowing her that well, telling people at work is NOT a good idea. she understands that i’m still sad about the break up – that’s all she needs to know about my personal life.

after dinner, she was too tired to continue with the hunt, so she just dropped me off and headed back to her friend’s place where she is staying (glad that got sorted for her). so, yah… we got distracted by food. typical. 🙂



i’m addicted to blogging. i’ve had the laptop on my lap all day. it’s after 8 pm, and i haven’t even made dinner yet. i dug up all my old travel blogs and decided to upload them to my travel list on the right. but of course, i had to read every single one first, which took time since they spanned two years! but it brought back some amazing and not so amazing memories of milano, cambridge, london, and australia. it was amusing to see that how i wrote back then (10 years ago when i was 24) is the same as how i write now. hee hee.


shout out and scream

a shout out to my peeps! i have some readers, yippeeeeee! thanks to those who have dropped by. i hope my ramblings are amusing enough for you to stalk me (in the blog follower sense of the word of course, lol).

without going into why, i had to change my name and thus my blogspot name and so my url changed. and then i had to re-do all the third party settings, like feedburner and twitter, and for some reason all the blogs i follow disappeared. i was so mad i screamed! please no more technical stuff – i’ve had enough troubleshooting for a lifetime of blogging!