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grumpage alert

i was up all night on friday – didn’t go to bed until 5:30 am on saturday. why, you may ask. no, i didn’t have a hot date (not included in the break up recovery plan). nor was i having a restless sleep from the heat (it has actually “cooled down” to 27 degrees C). nope. i was up all night because i was working on my blog site. and by working, i mean researching and installing gadgets, widgets, and this blogger template that i fell in love with. sure, it was easy to install, but not only did it remove all my lovely new gadgets, it came with a wack of inherent issues, rendering a humungo mess on my blog. $#%*&!!!!!!!

i found myself googling for hours, searching for help on my specific template. i found tonnes of old posts from users with the same issues i was having, so clearly, the template problems hadn’t been resolved. you’d think the admin bloggers on those help sites would at least post the answers or instructions somewhere. (most of those users, by the way, ended up switching to a different template.) i would come across the same issue/question over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over (get the idea?), completely wasting my time. of course, those users were all freaking stupid because they didn’t bother to read any of the other posts before posting theirs. if they had (you clever users know where i’m going with this), they would have seen some answers posted earlier. so, i did find an answer here or there, but for the most part, i struggled for hours (and HOURS – i cannot impart how important it is for you to understand what it’s like to be troubleshooting on the computer for this amount of time, not eating, going to the bathroom only when absolutely necessary, and generally going mad with frustration) and became quite proficent at trial and error. most of the troubleshooting dealt with html code, and that is where i spent most of my time. the advantage i had was that i had a basic knowledge of html… from 15-ish years ago in university! so, i applied what little i did know and tested things over and over until either it worked or i moved on to another attempt. i even had to get creative in some places!

now, of course, having spent hours and hours on google (google is my friend), i discovered that the template was actually a wordpress template that was later converted for blogger, which is why there are so many issues. YA KNOW, it would have been NICE if that was NOTED on the template site (btemplates.com) i downloaded it from!!! at one point, i did consider abandoning the template and starting from scratch, but out of all the hundreds i had viewed, this was the one that i connected with the most. so, with a deep sigh of frustration, i carried on.

when the sun started to come up, i decided to drop everything and go to bed. i was highly annoyed that i wasn’t going to get my much needed *night* sleep. and annoyed that because it was the freaking morning, i would sleep until the afternoon and miss my day of tv watching and eating junk food, of which i had none because i ate whatever i had left at 4 in the morning.

and now it’s nearly 1 am the next night, and i’m writing this because after another “hours and hours”, i managed to get my site to a respectable level. i still have two issues i cannot resolve, but i need a break from the html troubleshooting, or else i’ll start making up my own code, and at this point, it will involve words that will force me to contribute to my swear jar.

well, after all that, i am quite pleased with my site. i have some ideas for other content, which will come in the following week or so, depending on my tolerance level for troubleshooting. and then maybe i can write the entry i meant to on friday!