full circle

. . .from an upward battle of struggles and emotions to a journey of healing, growth, and laughter. . .

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hell’s gate

Hell’s Gate is an abrupt narrowing of the Fraser River. The rock walls plunge towards each other, forcing the waters through a passage only 35 metres wide. The name was derived from the journal of explorer Simon Fraser, who in 1808 described this narrow passage as “a place where no human should venture, for surely these are the gates of Hell.”


falling for niagara on my fortieth

I’ve included only a handful of my favorites in this post… because it took me eight straight hours to sort and edit the whole lot…because I felt guilty for being so lazy busy…and it would take me forever to manually add and sort each photo into this post… so please do view my full photo album because you can view them in non-thumbnail version. And it took me eight straight hours to make it pretty for y’all. And because I said so. And because you’re curious.

view from my hotel room

so close!

double rainbow on my birthday

view during birthday lunch
12DSC_2550     11DSC_2548

view during birthday dinner
16DSC_2644     15DSC_2647

falls illumination

view from skylon tower

journey beneath the falls
05DSC_2491     08DSC_2515

whirlpool rapids


whirlpool aero car