full circle

. . .from an upward battle of struggles and emotions to a journey of healing, growth, and laughter. . .


four seasons

It’s the last day of summer, so I shall take this opportunity to tell you about mine. What a crazy, busy summer! After my birthday trip, I went to the Prairies for my middle niece’s high school graduation. She is a smarty pants. She got accepted to one of Canada’s top universities and is doing her first year in England.

11012854I was home for only two weeks and then headed off to Disneyland with my brother and three-year-old nephew. He’s such an amazing little man and so freaking adorable. We really bonded—the first time since he was born. He looked at me with a twinkle in his eye and said “banana!”. I yelled and said that was my favorite line from the movie!!! And then we spent the rest of the week looking at each other with twinkles in our eyes and saying in perfect synchronization “banana!”. I loved watching him experience Disneyland. We rode his (our) favorite ride, Pirates, five times. He was so social and chill that all the characters were impressed with him. And I spoiled him rotten (my prerogative).

110149541124049011846510I was home for only two weeks and then headed off to the Island to go camping with my brother and nephew for the weekend. The best moment was when he wanted to take selfies with me. He only does selfies with his daddy, so I was honoured and tickled pink.

I was home for only three days, and then my eldest niece and her boyfriend came down from a concert up north to visit me on their way to the Island to visit my brother and nephew (and my sister, brother-in-law, and my other two niblings were visiting from the Prairies). I took them to my favorite (vegan) restaurant. I don’t think he liked it that much, but my niece loved the food, and that’s whom I really care about, ha!
11866424Then, two days later, I headed back to the Island for the weekend for the informal family reunion. Aside from the usual sibling rivalry (my sis and bro, not me—I know better!), it was fun. We went to the gardens, which was colourful and lovely.


I was home for only five days and then headed back for the weekend as my sister was still there. We all went to a castle that I didn’t know existed, even after living there for years. We also took a harbour cruise. Fun to be a tourist in your hometown!

11934978  11892130

11221573And my parents and my sister (yes, she brought them in her suitcase!) gave me a whole bunch of homegrown veggies. I’ve made brunch with breakfast potatoes and jalapenos, zucchini bread, cheesy zucchini rounds, and Mexican spaghetti squash (all vegan). I’ll need to make something with the yellow squash soon! Yum-a-lum!

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I’ve now been home for a month and haven’t gone anywhere. It’s great to be a homebody again.


keep on, keepin’ on – oh bite me!

Get out of my head!! So, a couple of months ago, I started listening to country music regularly and found out that a new song I liked was sung by R, a mutual ex-friend of mine and T (that’s how I met T) who used to sing rock/metal. So of course, it seems logical that as I’m fighting depression about T, R would choose now to become a country singer. Every time I hear the song, I feel like my past is invading my life. But wait, it gets worse. I forgot to mention another reason I was depressed about T the other week was that he was praising R’s new song. When we were together, we stayed away from R because he wasn’t good for our relationship. Well during the week that I was depressed, this initially-catchy-but-now-annoying-because-of-who-sings-it song kept playing on the station I listen to. Every time I hear it, I’m reminded of T. I heard it again today.

But wait, it gets worse. On FB this past weekend, M (no, I still haven’t seen him since April, and I’m so uninterested in our friendship right now) gives a shout out to R as well (they’re all musicians) at a country music fest. Well, did I forget to mention that M had bad mouthed R to me back before I even met T? And now he’s giving him a public kudos? M is such a fake. If I were in a room with him, he would be bad mouthing R to me all over again.

Now do you see why I’m single and content to be so? All this drama is doing my head in.