full circle

. . .from an upward battle of struggles and emotions to a journey of healing, growth, and laughter. . .



Clea {named after Cleopatra for the queen that she is}
Oreo {like the cookie but with the filling on the outside}
Coal {full name Charcoal cuz he’s such a cute grey}
Wilbur {named after the pig in Charlotte’s Web because he was the runt of the litter}

My mogwoppits have a YouTube channel if you want cuteness in action.

{Clea and Oreo are also the famous massage therapy kittens whose video has been on Ellen multiple times.}

2015: April | May | June

11391175_10154456782942925_8019454607055600746_n     11401423_10154450501307925_4088426420735798744_n

11407006_10154461378447925_17351361289232373_n     11401466_10154451301652925_6534891232703030534_n

11406979_10154459023767925_7049358854657618585_n     11350472_10154454066702925_5980597973304854142_n

11427717_10154454071732925_6617736547108676978_n     11221591_10154372932437925_4200794708681711941_n

11350639_10154422506617925_2635875829236304135_n     11392974_10154447338917925_7300166767049407352_n

11391227_10154468614577925_5056255495752401609_n     11390045_10154471078607925_1013348014584330646_n

11391763_10154457927317925_3357753067361365660_n     11377394_10154457927377925_6014869900591019425_n

11252243_10154402575897925_5580486792213434488_n     11330002_10154447338952925_5410296641275843136_n

11251914_10154387208672925_5620015239896207380_n     11377215_10154458416087925_5093042804552549992_n

11109005_10154402575917925_2020611724200497924_n     11217962_10154365574862925_4656746467908582223_n

10452318_10154482091422925_374970848605842667_n     11108954_10154458442377925_5369996536453923802_n

11164057_10154387091767925_2643406101848534996_n     11217962_10154365574862925_4656746467908582223_n

11164231_10154403137682925_7882440153409538317_n     11174809_10154350157087925_654270847342919834_n

10405368_10154403319957925_1027495213684653640_n     10262046_10154414962267925_5755631763543376705_n

1661855_10154464595467925_8153689192198201256_n    10015167_10154333896827925_1901250822704298326_n

22286_10154362278062925_8741486285814532147_n    11670_10154456126142925_4814669579148533740_n

3 thoughts on “mogwoppits

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  2. They’re gorgeous. As I’m sure they’ve already told you. I love the word “mogwoppits.” That’ll be rattling around my head for a while.

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