full circle

. . .from an upward battle of struggles and emotions to a journey of healing, growth, and laughter. . .


Still is the air
But an illusion it hides
Saturated with hopes
Representative of me.

How it began
Recorded in words
Conversation, prose, poem
Continues the chain.

Question the path
I challenged myself
Tempted to admit
A mistake I made.

Focus of mind
Straddled and skipped
From one man of past
To others of now.

Distractive routine
Developed my aim
Put it in front
Of the reason I came.

Days alone
Allowed me to heal
To learn about life
To learn about myself.

Too quiet at times
Loneliness walked through
Sat down beside me
To fuel my self-doubts.

But I became restless
I told it to leave
Don’t be my friend now
And never again.

Days to count down
Stopped so soon
Preparations to be made
For my journey back home.

Last day at work
Last day here
A feeling so strange
As if it never occurred.

Winding to an end
I look over my stay
How quickly it went
Swallowed by time.

Through longing for home
Loneliness for lovers
I survived the challenge
I delivered myself.

Though obstacles I may face
As I begin a new year,
I bring with me strength
And faith in myself.

To those who have hurt me
To those who have tried
My confidence shall protect me
And keep my heart alive.

© 1995 Elle Communications

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